“It is The Parks Trust’s policy that care for the environment goes hand in hand with good business practice. As a parks charity we are continually looking to develop new environmentally friendly methods in everything we do.

VI has worked with The Parks Trust since 2004, our partnership has been a constant source of energy, ideas and innovation. VI was quick to embrace our ambitions, and their knowledge of environmental production, stocks and processes, resulted in a project that was granted the FSC accreditation.

All company personnel have been easy to work with and have combined initiative with an awareness of the latest trends in production to keep everyone informed and up-to-date. In addition, their continued development of our corporate look and feel delivered a project that not only looks good but made us feel good too.”

The Parks Trust is the independent charity that cares for many of Milton Keynes’ parks and green spaces. Visual Identity was commissioned to revolutionised The Parks Trust’s image.

Initially Visual Identity explored what made The Parks Trust truly unique and then devised a strong communications document to support the proposed identity. To best demonstrate The Parks Trust’s aspirations, qualities, values and unique personality, to residents, stakeholders and partners, Visual Identity chose to defy the brief and suggest that the organisation adjusted its name. VI suggested removing Milton Keynes from their title, thus giving The Parks Trust a more authoritative and clearly defined identity with no geographical limitations.

This delivery of the brand, supported by a number of bold graphic images, created a distinctive and up-to-date style that distinguished them from garden centres and landscapers. Since the creation of the brand guidelines, applications across all forms of visual media, have been implemented using these principals, from signage and uniforms through to marketing collateral and websites.

VI delivered a perception of a leading organisation that secures its future role in the success of Milton Keynes and set the standards for others to follow throughout the UK.

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