Racal have unrivalled experience to deliver innovative, high performance, equipment to the defence industry.

Vi was approached by Racal – to support them with the launch of Elite, a new line of top-shelf headphones, at DSEi – the world leading defence exhibition. 

Vi was tasked with developing the product branding, and implement this in to a number of design elements, including the product leaflet and exhibition panels and other marketing support pieces, this included supply of product photography. The packaging not only needed to protect the high-end electronics during demonstration, sales and shipping, it had to convey Elite product brand and benefits to new audiences and markets outside defence industry and for these it had to support the unboxing experience.

The largest element of this project was the website. The website was built to be responsive, support all mobile platforms, and uniquely recognise visitors by their market sector and colour changed accordingly. Our goal was to establish a unique brand identity and packaging standards for a new line of high-end headphones to new markets and still be relevant to existing audiences.