Brand repositioning

Having established the need for a radical change of direction, Visual Identity suggested that Barker made the decision to clean up and strengthen the Barker brand – in view of the fact that the brand would be used centre stage of Barkers launch in to the online environment. The brand needed to maintain its leadership position and support clear understanding of the Barker brand experience and the key factors that drive that experience.

In developing the new identity we set our sights on capturing and expressing the brand’s unique position. Through the review of all existing materials and future requirements, we highlighted a number of brand signals, such as, integrating the new and the old to leverage tradition with innovation.

We began by establishing how the Barker brand should be defined, we looked forward to identify new possibilities, and looked back to the company’s humble beginnings to pinpoint the value locked within the brand’s heritage. This revealed a need to showcase Barkers prowess within the shoe-making industry, but also the heritage that supports the brand.

A less is more approach was taken and the brand was parred back to its minimum with elements removed rather than added. This approach strengthened the brand and underpins its confidence.

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