Celebrating all things MK

Posted by Jacqui on 2nd May 2019

Today is #LoveMK day!

Milton Keynes has been home to our MD and her family since 1964. Her parents were ’pioneering’ settlers and part of a small number of London residents who were encouraged to move out of the City and begin a new way of life for their families.

1964 her family, who lived in South West London, became part of a small cohort of people that were encouraged to move out of London to find a better lifestyle just 60 miles north in the rural countryside. As ‘Test Bed’ settlers to the new town of Bletchley, it offered her parents a new start, better housing and job prospects.

Milton Keynes was designated by Parliament in 1967. This approved the building of a new community of 250,000 people covering 8,850 hectares (21,869 acres) of Buckinghamshire farmland and villages. Built to ease the housing shortages in overcrowded London created by post-war Britain, its founding principles were for an ‘attractive’ town that offered ‘greater opportunity and freedom of choice’.

Now over 50 years later, Milton Keynes has become known as ‘The 20th Century New Town’. It has also been the home for Jacqui’s family for over 50 years and offered many opportunities for these pioneers and the generations that have followed. In addition, it has allowed Visual Identity to grow and thrive for nearly 30 years.

Therefore, VI would like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous Milton Keynes based customers, businesses, organisations and partners that we’ve worked with over this time.

It is with great love and appreciation that we celebrate all things good about MK and encourage everyone to #LoveMK today!