How to employ the right SEO strategy

It is clear that the higher your website ranks within its chosen keywords, the more traffic it will receive.

So it is no wonder that so many companies offer Search Engine Optimisation services. But how easy is it to get to the top of the search engine rankings… and for free?

Some of the industry’s biggest myths suggest that Best Search Engine Optimisation can be totally free, however, this is false. Effective long-term SEO and first page results take time, planning, patience, and good web dev.

Some would suggest you can ‘just add meta tags and lots of keywords’, however meta tags were once considered all important but they are now virtually ignored by search engines. Repeating keywords sounds like a clever trick but search engines can detect and penalise rankings.

Hits are the least reliable indicator of your site’s performance. You should be tracking visitor sessions, referral rates, and conversions.

Google rankings cannot be guaranteed. Algorithm changes can cause fluctuation in the position of your site. Because of this, rank and position can be lost at any time. Competitors may overhaul their optimisation to gain your prized position.

Fully optimising your website does not mean the job is done. It is important to continually maintain and update your site’s optimisation because of the ever-changing nature of search engines.

A good SEO service will focus on a number of keyword phrases which most appeal to your target audience and match your business development plans. Most provide monthly reports on the position of your website for all keywords and some offer an online SEO management tool for complete transparency.

  • Seven tips for SEO planning in 2019:

1. Optimise your site for mobile devices

2. Maximise your UX to enhance the user experience

3. Research how users search for your services

4. Stay up-to-date with the latest in SEO

5. Analyse your existing search traffic.

6. Review and improve the most important ranking factors

7. Use the link between social media and SEO

If well planned, an SEO strategy will improve your website search rankings by being found, visited and indexed in the most effective way. Increasing your visibility, traffic and profitability is one of the most pivotal factors for a successful business in the current market.

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