Social Media Management

Almost everyone is on social media, these days in some form. By everyone, we mean over 3.8 billion people, so that’s quite a large prospective audience to tap into…

However, this makes it increasingly important to target the right audience in the right way. Your brand’s social media marketing needs to be on-brand, relevant and effective in engaging your prospective audience and driving conversions. That’s where our experts come in, we put effective plans in place to supercharge your brand’s social media marketing.

Our experts work as an extension to your team, as partners, not suppliers.

Whether your business is already active on social media, or you’re looking to join the social revolution… Visual Identity’s specialists can support you in designing a strategy to best promote your business and brand values.

We also work closely with some of our clients to create social media campaigns. Whether you’re looking to recruit or launch a new product or service, our specialists will ensure that your promotion is visible on the right platforms and that your message reaches the right audience.

We spend, on average, 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social media.

What does outsourcing social media involve?

Outsourcing your Social Media activity to VI means allowing access to your accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for example) so that we can spend time researching your industry and posting relevant content that speaks to your audience.

We create a monthly ‘calendar’ for our clients and have catch-up meetings to note which products or services need to be promoted.

44 million people in the UK use Facebook on a regular basis.

Grow your business through increased engagement and conversions

Free up your time to focus on other areas

Use your time to focus on other essential aspects of your business such as finance, customer service, employee satisfaction and selling – we’ll take care of all things social and keep your customer’s wanting more!

Leave it to the experts

Do you know how to target your campaigns to maximise success, reach and generate genuine leads? We have the experience and expertise to create engaging campaigns and focus on increasing website visitors and conversions while improving your online presence by gaining a loyal following.


Finding a marketing budget can be difficult for any business; however, hiring a Marketing Manager or Social Media expert for your brand could prove even more costly. By outsourcing to VI, you gain an additional team member, with a dedicated and experienced account manager.

Marketing through social media can help increase brand recognition and awareness.

Our social media services increase brand recognition and awareness

At Visual Identity, we believe content is more than just something to read or look at. It needs to tell a story, encourage action, and it must be relevant, valuable and memorable. We have years of expertise – working across a wide variety of industries, and we have the time to keep up with ever-changing trends and technologies so that you don’t have to.

Bespoke Social Media service:

  • Platform set-up (if required)
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • On-going research into industry sectors.
  • Monthly strategy planning meeting
  • Monthly reporting
  • Content and artwork creation
  • Daily posts across all platforms
  • Customer enquiry responses
  • 12 months fixed contract
  • Campaign content creation

The Benefits to you:

  • We will market your business on the most relevant platforms to your industry.
  • You’ll have an Account Manager on hand to plan activities and review success.
  • We have the time to research your industry sectors/target audiences
  • Monthly catch up meetings to discuss areas of your business that you’d like to promote.
  • Website analytics and social media scheduling platform reports.
  • Our in-house designers help to create engaging visuals, including animations and adverts.
  • Regular, ongoing activity.
  • Standard responses (pre-decided) to enquiries received via social media platforms.
  • Content creation includes unpaid and paid ads – additional advert budget costs apply where necessary.

Proven Results and Capability

As Social Media experts, we have delivered some extremely successful projects, with proven growth and massive ROI.

Get in touch with our experts today to see how we can supercharge your brand and increase your brand presence.

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