Case Study

Out Of Office Coffee – OOO it’s a good one!


Out Of Office Coffee is a local high-quality, independent speciality coffee house with locations in Milton Keynes and Wembley.


The Brief – what we had to dooo!

Another week, another amazing website launch! This time for the exciting local Out Of Office (OOO) Coffee Shop – who are making their mark on MK and North London.

Out Of Office is a high quality, independent speciality coffee house with various locations in and around Milton Keynes and North London.

With WFH and flexible working hours now the norm for most businesses, the coffee shop is now considered a ‘third space’. A place away from the home and the office, OOO aims to be the ideal alternative place of work. OOO is also a space that serves as a meeting place and acts as an anchor of community life – fostering and facilitating creative and broad social interaction.

The OOO brand was born when they opened their first site in Stony Stratford. A few years on and with their flagship store opening in Witan Gate just before the COVID pandemic – they needed an online presence that would promote their brand but also be as unique as their offering and, of course, their brand.

Website Design & Development

VI developed a bespoke WordPress website solution for OOO with an integrated Shopify online store. This initially was to support OOO through the pandemic, by engaging with their existing and potential customers since the return to normal.

OOO’s online presence is proof that strong branding is at the centre of any successful website development. The design reflects the branding of a unique business — and is perfectly matched to what they offer. It is a great example of how a minimal colour scheme can be used to create a design that is easy on the eyes of its visitors. The modern, professional and inclusive look gives visitors a good first impression and a flavour of the uniqueness of each location.

There was also a requirement for a simple integrated online booking and calendar system – with functionality designed to significantly improve the booking process. Manual bookings can fail for several reasons. Previously bookings were completed over the phone which was time-consuming and open to human error.

This simple solution was to offer customers the ability to self–manage their booking through an easy to use calendar solution. The time it takes now, to manage enquiries have been significantly reduced. This in turn offers a huge improvement in operations for business planning – as the business can now match staff levels and supply to expected customer requirements.

We supported these features with web development showing live opening hours, easy to find location details and downloadable menus – all displayed within each store location page.

Improving the online experience… through mobile-first design.

The site now offers customers everything they need to know about each location without leaving the website or calling the store location.

An extension to the main website – is OOO’s online Shopify store. This existing store needed a freshen up to reflect the brand to seamlessly integrate the two websites.

The development is a mobile-first e-commerce solution, where customers can browse and buy from the store using any mobile phone or tablet with ease.

This successful, seamless integration allowed VI to re-structure and reorganise the store to take advantage of a new user-centric design that showcases OOO’s products and supports this additional revenue stream by making the buying process intuitive.

ooo 3 mobile

What it’s all abOOOut…

“When we started Out Of Office Coffee, we had a very basic website which was really just a few pages of an online brochure.  We put all our efforts into the physical product in our coffee houses and any spare energy went into some social media.

A chance meeting with the team from Visual Identity convinced me that our website could be improved to give our customers a better experience and enhance the brand presence for prospective customers. The team were super helpful at making suggestions while we ironed out the brief and this really helped us shape the final outcome.  The attention to detail was superb and throughout the project, they were on the end of a phone or email 24/7.  They added all the creativity needed to make our website stand out and it links well with our social channels.  They helped integrate a table booking system which has aided the launch of a new location.  All the statistics tell us this was the best decision we made.

Overall we could not be more pleased with the work they did for us and would recommend them to any business that wants a sharp website that suits their needs.”

Steven Dick – Co. Founder, Out Of Office Coffee


OOO – check it out

It really doesn’t get any better than this – if you run a local retail store, shop or restaurant, contact VI today.

Or if you like coffee, visit the website where you can taste the difference. Or better still, stop off at one of their stores. You won’t regret it!