It’s a Marathon, not a sprint!

We wish everybody who’s running in this weekend’s #LondonMarathon2019 the best of luck, you are doing something truly amazing!

We’ll be cheering on a good friend of ours who is raising money for a fantastic cause.
If you’d like to donate you can visit Steve’s page here

In light of this fantastic event, it got us thinking… Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint
A race is not an isolated activity and neither is your marketing campaign.

When you run a marathon it is about more than just running, you train for months in the lead up to it. Implementing different training sessions, thinking about your nutrition and fuelling, testing your kit and planning for different weather conditions and thinking about your recovery.

Marketing is not an isolated activity either, it is made up of multiple elements that all need to be planned around an end goal, this might mean planning social media campaigns, events or designing printed marketing materials.

Make it fun!

Training for an ultra-marathon can be a painful process, some long runs may feel too long and you get bored. There may be time during the race where you question why you are even doing it. These are the times where you need to make it fun, play around with sessions, run with a running buddy and keep it interesting. Marketing should be fun. After all your key objective is to engage with an audience, stand out from the growing competition and be memorable.

So keep it fun and enjoy what you do. If you believe in your marketing plan, the chances are others will as well.

In business, success rarely comes in the form of a sprint. To complete a marathon it takes training, preparation, planning, organisation, research, and commitment. We believe the same can be said for marketing.