Social Media – best practices for 2020

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and daily routines.

Given its importance in consumers’ lives, businesses rightfully flock to social platforms in the hope of connecting with existing and potential customers. However, with the amount of content available on social media, the competition is higher than ever. It can be extremely difficult for you to stand out against your competitors unless you have a clear marketing strategy in place, and time to invest in it.

Whichever industry you’re in, it’s important to stay up to date with new online trends when reviewing your marketing strategy.

Instagram making ‘likes’ private

In the UK, Instagram is hiding the number of likes on some posts, so you’ll no longer see the total number of likes or views on posts in the feed unless they’re your own. This is the result of a global trial to figure out how the platform can “remove pressure” on users.

Instagram users spend an average of 28 minutes on the platform a day, with 18-34 year old’s being the most active age group.

Social Commerce is expanding

With social platforms becoming hubs for news and entertainment, there are new opportunities to reach consumers and build relationships with existing customers in this environment.

‘Instagram Checkout’ allows users to complete product purchases without having to leave the app, and in the process save their purchasing information for future payments.

The need for this service will grow over the next year, as consumers will expect to be able to view and buy products within the platform’s in which they spend the majority of their time.

Video content continues to dominate

Videos are a consumers’ favourite type of content to see from a brand on social media. With video having a great influence on consumer decisions, it comes as no surprise that Instagram is on track to become the fastest-growing platform to use video content to drive purchases.

Over 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day

Influencer marketing continues to soar

Brands are feeling more confident in the positive ROI that influencer marketing generates. However, influencers can now be defined by ‘tier’ groups, making it more viable and affordable for smaller businesses and brands to embrace influencer marketing.

  • – Nano-Influencers: 1-10K Followers
  • – Micro-Influencers – 10-50K Followers
  • – Mid-Tier Influencers – 50-500K Followers
  • – Macro-Influencers – 500K-1M Followers
  • – Mega-Influencers – 1M+ Followers

The use of Social Media for Customer Service is growing

The relationship between businesses and consumers if very different than it was a few decades ago. 70% of consumers have said that they’ve used social media for issues to do with customer service on at least one occasion and 90% of businesses are now estimated to use social media for customer service.

67% of all B2B businesses use Twitter as a digital marketing tool.

At Visual Identity, we provide Social Media Management services to many of our clients, allowing them to spend more time focussing on other areas of the business.

We plan, create and schedule posts monthly for our clients, across all social channels. Keeping your social presence active, even when you’re not.

Outsourcing your social media marketing means that you gain expert assistance, saving you time and money and means that you don’t miss out on key opportunities to present your products or services in the right areas, to your target audience.

If you’re not fully committed to social media marketing, you could be wasting a lot of time and money on your efforts. We believe social media marketing is about more than just brand representation. Posts have just seconds to capture the attention of your audience, so it’s important to research and ensure that content is engaging and impactful.

Our clients have a dedicated contact who has experience with all of the major platforms, supported by a team of talented designers and marketing experts. Client’s think of us as an extension of their in-house team, rather than a supplier.

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