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How to avoid isolation in your micro business

Posted by Jacqui on 21st March 2020

The image above is of Scott Alexander, our very talented senior web developer, working from his home office this week, whilst continuing to deliver urgent websites projects for our clients. But clearly he is dreaming of sunnier times 🙂

Since the beginning of this week, Visual Identity Creative Ltd staff have been working from their kitchens, studies and home offices. It is business as usual during this unusual situation and our staff have shown extraordinary loyalty, dedication and determination to support Visual Identity during these unchartered times for business.

For the time being, our office is still manned by the Directors. As a husband and wife team, living and working together really makes no difference in terms of social distancing. We are closed to visitors, but we are still here to take your calls. 01908 665537.

Developing a business support system

Below are VI’s top tips, to avoid your team feeling isolated whilst endeavouring to deliver work and conduct business as usual! These simple ideas can make all the difference between staff loving their jobs or dreading the thought of their isolation every morning. These measures will keep your team’s spirits high:

  1. Stay connected – With What’s App, Skype and Online Conferencing, we are speaking as often as ever.
  2. Combat loneliness – The usual office banter and fun continues, sharing jokes, just using What’s App and Messenger.
  3. Get out of the house – Encouraging staff to take five – taking a walk, spending time with a family member – keeping to Government guidelines.
  4. Stay in touch – A quick call to a client or colleague can make all the difference to their day, and keep your team strong and together.

And finally…

“As MD, I want to thank all my staff, clients and suppliers for their amazing support and dedication. We continue to support you all – together we are stronger.” Jacqui Wilkins

It’s amazing what a little positivity can make to the working week.


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