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Old ways don’t open new doors!

Posted by Lauren Austin on 16th March 2020

VI reaches a landmark year through our willingness to change and adapt.

2020 marks a landmark Anniversary for Visual Identity, the celebration of 30 years in business. During our time in the Marketing industry, VI has remained at the forefront of specialist branding and digital services, by embracing new technologies and learning. 

Since November 1989, Visual Identity has been delivering design, print and digital services to a range of client sectors including education, recruitment, industrial and retail markets. Having seen continued growth and diversification, our product portfolio now boasts a range of digital services and specialist design services. 

Jacqui Wilkins, Managing Director (bombshell in the black and white shot below!) – still plays an integral role in the business and her passion for all thing’s marketing is paramount to VI’s continued success. “Our business is one that the team is immensely proud of, and we continue to work with our customers to develop strong brands and innovative communications. We are committed to keeping pace with our clients and exceeding their expectations!”

“Especially in the early days, we recognised that it is all too easy just to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business. We tended to focus on just getting the next job rather than thinking about our vision for the business. But it must be said that once we were up and running, we understood that it paid dividends to think about longer-term and more strategic planning. Adopting a simple planning cycle has greatly enhanced our ability to make changes in the business. We attribute our ability to anticipate problems and adapt to change easily, as the main reason why we have successfully traded for over 30 years and made it look easy to transition from just traditional to state-of-the-art digital.”

“At Vi everyone pulls together, excels professionally and has fun – which translates into amazing customer relations and magical results.

Jacqui Wilkins, Managing Director

From our office in MK, Visual Identity delivers world-leading technologies and capabilities to a global customer base, enhanced by a growing network of international partners. 

After 30 years you would have thought that VI had seen and heard it all, but you’d be mistaken. Keen to constantly evolve and try something new, VI has adopted new, young, talented and (most importantly) challenging individuals to work with our experienced director’s to move the business forward and create exciting new business opportunities.

Recent key successes have been reconnecting with old clients of ours. We’re now offering a variety of services to these businesses, including multiple bespoke website projects’ which will launch in the coming months. A growing area in the industry, and for VI is, of course, Social Media management and digital development.

Celebrations continue throughout 2020, with more award ceremonies to attend and hopefully new awards to add to the trophy wall! We are all incredibly proud of what has been achieved so far and excited by the enormous potential for our future.

Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks? Here’s to the next 30!

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