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Are you catering to the ‘new online’ shopper?

Posted by Admin on 22nd September 2020

Unsurprisingly, in the current climate E-Commerce has become increasingly important for businesses of all kinds who seek to find new opportunities, whilst engaging with existing consumers digitally.

E-Commerce isn’t just a channel for retail, it’s become an important consideration for businesses operating in events and hospitality, food and drink, even manufacturing sectors.

e–commerce sweet shop for Mr Simms – MK

As brick-and-mortar stores have taken a huge hit, the move to online shopping has accelerated — to the tune of an 18% increase, according to eMarketer. Its recently updated forecast pegs e-commerce’s share of 2020 retail sales to reach 14.5%, which is an all-time high and the biggest share increase in a single year!

The Coronavirus pandemic has sped up the need for online stores and the requirements for digital services, across all sectors of the economy.

The businesses that are more likely to thrive in the coming years will be those that can pivot quickly and smoothly to the new online realities.

At VI, our e-commerce developments improve conversion rate optimisation and offer an engaging user experience.

Improve your reach

E-commerce is an ideal way to take your brand from a traditional brick and mortar store to an innovative, well-loved brand. Online selling can provide opportunities to reach larger audiences through targeted digital marketing to reach potential customers.

A SWEET new website for a local family-run business:

Increased consumer expectations

Today’s shoppers have increased expectations. An online store is expected to be available all day, every day – meaning your customers can visit your store at all times, no matter what their schedule might be and receive a response to enquiries in a timely fashion.

Discover new marketing opportunities 

Your website is one of the best marketing tools your business has. Not only can the use of SEO lead to increased chances of your business getting found in search engines but it provides an ever-present online profile where potential customers/clients can find out more about your business.

New services for ‘old’ clients!

Interact Medical Bespoke Website Development
Full-service Marketing support for Interact Medical Recruitment Ltd.

Scalability and growth 

As your business grows it’s very likely you’ll want to grow your product range and your target audience, as well as develop your business for customer requirements and consumer demand.

We are experts in delivering engaging and innovative Shopify projects – a powerful e-commerce platform for high-growth startups and international companies alike.

Mobile-first Design & Development

Modern e-commerce websites revolve around mobile and tablet devices. 

Visual Identity created an uncompromising and engaging experience for mobile visitors, which creates the brand story that showcases their designs Barker Shoes in their full glory. This allows customers to effortlessly engage with the website on all devices.

We help our clients through the entire creative process, from the initial idea through to the final result.

With a dedicated and highly skilled team of designers and bespoke Web Developers, Visual Identity is always on hand to help our clients through the creative process of any Marketing project.

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