Case Study

Barker Shoes Ltd.


This high-end footwear manufacturer recognised the importance of developing their already successful e-commerce website in order to improve user experience and customer engagement. They commissioned us to build a bespoke Shopify Plus website for them.


The Brief

The initial challenge that we were faced with was retaining the boutique and high-end look of the original Barker Shoes website whilst integrating a well-thought-out structure and maximising conversion rate opportunities without compromising on aesthetics.

Integrating incredibly detailed and emotive photography that showcases the unparalleled quality of the shoes that Barker pride themselves for, allows the customer to visualise these in a way like never before. We have created an experience that works flawlessly on all devices and platforms so that Barker customers can shop effortlessly however they wish.

In addition, the new website was to be migrated from Magento to Shopify Plus, integrating into internal stock systems as well as introducing multiple different websites focusing on other geographics such as Europe, USA and Rest of World.

Responsive Shopify Website for Barker Shoes

Our Approach

From a visual point of view, the new Barker Shoes bespoke Shopify Plus website had to be highly creative and enhance the brand experience. To showcase the unique bespoke quality that the brand is synonymous for lifestyle imagery features strongly.

It was also extremely important that the new website was as flexible as possible. The ability to add and remove features, products, promotions and collections and amend and customise as much as physically possible in-house would make Barker Shoes, masters of their own destiny going forward and allow them to talk directly to their customers on a level that they haven’t been able to in the past.

Full screen arrival slideshow
Advanced and intuitive product filtering allows customers to shop effortlessly.
Fluid width development and retina imagery creates an engaging experience that embellishes the brand story.
Innovative stockist system with radius and location based searching. We also integrated automatic geolocation for ease of use.

Mobile First Design & Development

Modern e-commerce websites revolve around mobile and tablet devices. We created an uncompromising and engaging experience for mobile visitors, which creates the brand story that showcases the beautifully designed Barker Shoes in their full glory. This allows customers to effortlessly engage with the website on all devices.

From the beautiful slideout product filtering, sorting, menus and retina icons, to the ability to switch to a single column grid view on smaller devices, this website was lovingly crafted with mobiles in mind. With the percentage of mobile visitors increasing year-on-year, it is extremely important to maximise conversions on smaller devices.

Mobile first design & development for Shopify Plus

Increasing Ecommerce Conversions

We implemented sticky columns into both the product description areas and product filtering areas. This allows the customer to scroll down the page, experiencing the engaging, retina imagery in full glory whilst the key information such as description, options and ‘add to bag’ / ‘buy now’ call to actions are always present at the side.

Within the product collections, the same sticky columns and a custom developed advanced filtering system allows customers to browse through products effortlessly without having to scroll up to filter what they are looking for. This keeps customers engaged and ultimately has helped to increase conversion rates. Another innovative feature that we implemented is the ability to switch between the number of grid columns on collection pages. Customers can choose their preference of how many columns of products they want to see, allowing them to browse the website in their own way.

The Results

Within the first 3 months of the launch of the new bespoke Shopify website, statistics were already massively improved on the previous year.

Increase in revenue
Increase in ecommerce conversion rate
Increase in transactions