Case Study

African Development Bank


VI was designated to the African Development Bank’s (AfDB's) framework agreement through a global tender process, to work with the Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV) team who contribute to the region's sustainable economic development and social progress.

The Bank's development agenda is delivering financial and technical support for transformative projects that significantly reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

VI has supported this initiative through the design and production of IDEV's knowledge products, which are produced in both English and French.

  • Design
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Infographics
  • Icon Development
  • Annual Report
  • Magazine
  • Multilingual Documents
AfDB IDEV – African countries of focus

IDEV Annual Report

The success of the development bank cannot be measured by profit alone, therefore, the Annual Report is the organisation’s most important document, as it reports the success, by the much harder to measure, development outcomes.

VI created an Annual Report that would reach out to its audience and embody the ethos of the bank. VI developed a fresh take on the design and produced an impactful solution that delivers more than just information by using striking colour, icons and imagery that makes for a thought-provoking read.

Illustration and Video

Recognising the trend in video marketing, The Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV) commissioned VI to develop a video to support the publication of the Executive Summary of the Annual Report.

The video was planned to be approx. 2 minutes long using animation, icons and text only (i.e. no voice-over). Iconography was used in place of the written word to create powerful visuals and to break up content. The video was developed to portray the key messages that are set out in the Executive Summary of the Annual Report and supplemented with some of the significant findings from a selected range of evaluation reports. Two versions were produced in both English and French.

AfDB IDEV – Photography

IDEV Evaluation Week

The AfDB Evaluation Week fosters sharing of evidence-based knowledge related to the five core areas of: light up and power Africa; feed Africa; integrate Africa; industrialise Africa, and improve the quality of life of Africans.

IDEV hosted a high-level event that provided participants with a variety of knowledge-gaining sessions. VI delivered the supporting marketing collateral, including the brand design, pull-up banners, posters and brochure.

IDEV Evaluation Matters

Development evaluation is a strategic tool for the organisation’s learning and decision-making. VI created a magazine that provides its readers with high-quality editorial.

Each edition is developed with a clear content plan in mind. Simplifying the ways of working and by leveraging our typographic skills. VI produce a magazine that resonates with its audience and assembles a collection of articles that inform and educate.

AfDB IDEV – eVALUation Matters quarterly magazine

IDEV Evaluation Reports

The reports summarise the evaluation outcomes for the Africa Regions. The objectives are two-fold: 1) assess the extent to which development results have been achieved; and 2) suggest potential improvements that feed into and help guide the preparation of the next Regional Integration Strategy (RIS).

As reference documents, the output of these reports has been judged as informative, on-brand and impactful. The true success of this project is the management. From start to finish, communication between VI and IDEV is seamless and responsive, enabling any amendments, critiques or creative ideas to be implemented quickly, effectively and on-budget.