Case Study

Interact Medical – Marketing Support


Full-service marketing support for Interact Medical – market-leaders in the safe supply of locum staff.

As one of the UK’s leading medical recruitment agencies, Interact Medical specialises in the fulfilment of Locum Doctor, Agency Nursing and all other healthcare Locum roles.

  • Branding
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Design for Print
  • E-marketing
  • Digital Campaigns
Doctors division sub-branding.
Nursing division sub-branding.
AHP division sub-branding.

A fresh new look…

The use of good quality, emotive imagery across the website, has the ability to grab the user’s attention. Humans are intuitively good at processing imagery instantly, as we are able to understand a concept in an astonishing 1/10 of a second.

Using quality imagery to connect and engage with audiences was critical to Interact’s storytelling and brand-building. Vi always advocates the use of bespoke images for the simple reason that we believe strong imagery can speak a thousand words. Images communicate an emotion whilst communicating a narrative in a way that words on their own can sometimes lack.

It was important to the senior management team, that bespoke imagery was used throughout the website, rather than relying on stock images that were already overused by competitors. After all, the company prides itself on its unique employees’ knowledge and the high level of candidate support they provide.

VI was commissioned to organise and art-direct a photoshoot at the Interact’s HQ site. The planning is arguably the most important part of the shoot. We defined the brief, listed the desired content and visualised our ideas to be sure that each shot would fit with the agreed treatment/styling agreed for the shoot. This included all-important themes including lighting ideas, prop requirements and composition. 

As well as, arranging the photography, a video shoot was scheduled and planned, at the Interact Medicals Revalidation Conference event, which was hosted in Milton Keynes. This included interviewing and recording existing long-term candidate testimonials, shooting footage of the presentations and break-out sessions – these are featured on the new website and used in social media.

Marketing a successful medical recruitment business was all about finding their voice… it was time to get social!

Interact hadn’t been active on social media for some years, so when VI took over their social media management – we were basically starting from scratch.

Social media campaigns, e-marketing strategies and dedicated landing pages for a medical recruitment business is less about the tools used to deliver it, and more about creating a powerful way to reach prospects and create devoted brand advocates, whilst driving leads and registrations. The success of the strategy depended on understanding the brand’s unique voice and how this voice resonated with its target audience.

ExCel Nightingale Recruitment Campaign

The biggest health crisis the UK had ever seen in its history needed campaigns that were sensitively handled. These shone a light on the role Interact Medical could play in resourcing the NHS Nightingale hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic. They demonstrated their breadth and reach in the response to the coronavirus pandemic to yield positive, effective and speedy outcomes.

The results showcased below show that VI reimagined Interact Medical’s recruitment campaigns to become a candidate-first experience, where they attract the best talent for their customers. Using these strategies, we arrived at the perfect formula for their near and long-term outcomes to attract candidates that would be an asset to them not just now – during this difficult COVID period – but also in the future.

Facebook campaign results

Time-critical projects…

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vi turned the campaigns around in just one working day. We understood that reaching their audience with timely, relevant messages is imperative.

The marketing strategy was to help candidates to keep to their career plans, as well as, responding to this audience with meaningful approaches and reason to believe that they will get through this crisis and move forward together.

The success of the Relationship

The campaigns delivered by VI can be attributed to the clients’ success for a number of reasons:

1) These emotive communications added value, from advice and encouragement to knowledge and support at a time when everyone needed it most. They demonstrated Interact’s expertise by offering support during a difficult period.

2) The campaign’s were engaging, rather than just selling registration and job opportunities, they were designed to attract candidates that would be an asset to them.

3) The conversions demonstrated how Interact Medical adapted to the pandemic. They supported their candidates so that they were able to save lives without the stress of low priority tasks.

The success of the full-service work undertaken and delivered during what will be seen as one of the most difficult trading periods for UK business has been extraordinary.

We had worked with Interact Medical in the past, so it’s a testament to our working relationship. Interact Medical knew they could rely on VI to understand their requirements and produce solutions that instantly made an impact.