Case Study

Mr Simms Milton Keynes – Social Media Management


Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe is a well-known Traditional Sweets brand. Visual Identity has worked with the MK branch in the past but at the beginning of 2022 was commissioned to support the store in improving its social media activity.

floating fruit sweets

The Missing Ingredients

Mr Simms MK has been in the Centre: MK for 10 years but they hadn’t been using Social Media for long when they asked Visual Identity for some help in improving their day-to-day activity.

The store already had active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok but being so busy in the store, and increasingly so post-pandemic – they were looking to outsource this part of the business to Vi.

Knowing this family-owned business well, we were thrilled to be involved!

Regular Activity

The team at Mr Simms MK are passionate about the unique products they sell – so they know exactly what their customers want!

They were already posting some great content but they wanted to formulise their content and take advantage of Vi’s content creation capabilities and strategic approach.

Our in-house designers produce artworks for social media posts which are a mix of organic imagery, captured in-store and commercially focussed posts to professionalise their digital persona. A small business like Mr Simms MK doesn’t have the time to plan and generate regular, engaging social media content as they’re always busy in the store. This is where Vi’s Social Media Marketing specialists come in!

With regular visits to the store and daily communication via WhatsApp, we’re able to understand what the store managers are trying to achieve and keep up to date on new products so that we can plan and schedule a month’s activity at a time.

Selecting the right platforms

We work across all social platforms and support our clients in how to best engage customers.

Mr Simms MK already had accounts on each of their selected platforms but our team were able to make sure these were set up correctly as ‘Business’ accounts to support the types of marketing we were planning to produce for them.

Visual posts are obviously strong for this store, so Instagram is a great platform for them to share the products they have in stock and regular, new deliveries.

Social Media Graphic (1080 × 400px)

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram in particular are great for showing behind-the-scenes footage – which for Mr Simms, involves staff members trying some of the weird and wonderful (often extremely HOT) sweets and snacks that they have in store. Customers love to try new trends and get ideas from social media videos on which products to try next.

simms social artworks

Express yourself!

The beauty of social media is that it allows brands to have some fun and show a different side to their business, that customers perhaps wouldn’t usually see.

Mr Simms MK often provides our social media managers with fun videos of the team trying new products, selecting tracks on the duke box in-store or jumping on TikTok trends.

This is a great way of creating relationships with new customers as younger followers, in particular, are more likely to be attracted to fun, on-trend content.

Sweet success…

Mr Simms MK’s following has grown considerably since we started working with them at the beginning of the year and continues to do so.

With a mix of post-types, competitions and promotions – their social media marketing is now getting noticed and will continue to attract new customers, locally and also further afield.

“Working with Visual Identity has been great. We are in regular communication with them via WhatsApp and they keep ahead of the latest social media trends – which has really put Mr Simms MK on the map! Our staff are having great fun creating videos in-store, thanks to the guidance from the social media team at Vi!”  – Store Manager, Mr Simms MK (Centre: MK)

We look forward to continuing this success with the team. Watch this space!

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