We are socialites

You’re probably aware of the benefits of promoting your business on social media but if you aren’t – the chances are your competitors will be!


What does outsourcing social media actually involve?

Outsourcing your social media management to Visual Identity means allowing access to your accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for example) so that we can spend time researching your industry and posting relevant content that speaks to your audience.

We will assess your existing strategy (if you have one) and come up with a plan to improve your following, reach, engagement, advertising and increase traffic to your website (if necessary). We work across the platforms that best suit your brand and offer one-off setups or ongoing management.

We love Social Media but we appreciate that not everybody does. So that’s where we come in!

What are the benefits?

1. Free up your time to focus on other areas

Instead of spending an hour or two a week coming up with fresh topics for social media posts and researching your industry and competition, you could focus on other important aspects of your business such as finance, customer service, employee satisfaction and selling. If you know very little about Social Media and how it can be used for business, why not leave it to the experts and spend your time on what you’re best at?

2. Leave it to the experts

The majority of us use social media and post or tweet on our profiles every day, but do you really know how to target your business campaigns to maximise success, reach and generate genuine leads? If you don’t you could spend valuable time and money researching social media trends to improve your knowledge, or you could outsource your social media to VI. We have the expertise and experience to kick start your campaigns and focus on advertising, increasing visitors and conversions on your website, or just improve your online presence by gaining a loyal following.

3. Save money

Finding a marketing budget can be difficult for any business however, hiring a Marketing Manager or Social Media expert for your brand could prove more costly. By outsourcing your marketing requirements to VI, we become accountable for your success which removes the risks associated with hiring a new member of staff with no guarantees of success. Our clients think of us as partners rather than suppliers and our team will get to know your brand inside-out before fully immersing themselves in every campaign to ensure we achieve your desired results.

4. Get the right marketing mix

The key focus of any business manager is to maximise sales but when it comes to social media, you should be careful to post a mix of sales-based tweets and tweets that engage and interest your audience. Blog articles, statistics, images and videos are all as equally important as ‘sales’ promotions.

By outsourcing your social posts to our team we can balance your sales messages with fun, engaging content that is relevant to your target market. After all, who really wants to scroll through a feed of “buy now” links?

5. Stay ahead of the competition

We all need to find ways of beating our competitors and this is where out-sourcing could give you an edge. We will find ways to target your audience and promote your products or services in a way that works best for you and your industry. We have years of expertise – working across a broad variety of industries and we keep up with ever-changing trends and technologies so that you don’t have to.

6. Content is key

Running a business is challenging – with multiple responsibilities and limited time to focus on everything. With a dedicated team handling your social media, you can have peace of mind that your social streams will be readily updated daily, meaning you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to put your name in front of potential customers or promote new products and services.

Thinking of outsourcing? Let’s get social!