Your brand is your identity

Developing a strong brand identity for your business is an important factor in its success.


Effective branding can help build your reputation, make you stand out from your competition and project your values to attract your ideal client.

A brand identity should be consistent throughout all marketing channels and materials, including Stationary, Print (brochures, reports, flyers, Business cards etc.), Signage, Product packaging, Apparel/Uniform and Website.

VI’s brand management services typically include; logo usage, colour palette, type-face specification, image style, language approach and a range of marketing collateral applications.


Developing a brand identity allows you to create a consistent message across all marketing materials. Each piece should have the same basic styles and design elements, creating a cohesive branding package.

Your brand is the visual representation of your individual values and “personality”. A unique design sets the tone of your brand and can be used to target particular audiences. Your identity should be designed to communicate your company’s overall message and promote your business goals.

Improve brand loyalty and trust

Strong brand identity helps the audience differentiate you from your competitors and can positively influence their purchasing decisions, therefore improving profitability. Consumers will judge your ability to provide what they’re looking for based on their first impression of your business.

Creating a logo that is not aligned with your vision, values, target audience and positioning could cause confusion in the market. For example, if you provide quality services with attention to detail, your lack of attention to detail in your brand will send a conflicting message to your prospects.

Developing a brand identity and using it consistently helps customers remember who you are. The more your prospects see your brand, the more likely they will contact your business for information. Every time you get to interact with your prospect, you have a chance to make a connection and create a memorable brand experience.


Iconography is a very good way of organising content and services as well as allowing the audience to instantly recognise and align with any that are applicable to them. This allows a clearer brand structure and service definition.

If you’re a creative business (like ourselves, for example!), a creative logo and tag line will portray your personality and expertise. Icons or amended versions of your company logo often work better on Social Media channels or email footers and will ensure that your brand is identifiable both on, and offline.

Commitment and personal pride

Investing in a unique brand identity shows that you take pride in your business and are committed to success. Make potential customers believe that you’ll deliver your promises – creating brand loyalty and trust with every customer interaction.

BVCA approached VI with the need to formulise and strategise their branding to appeal to a wider audience. Their product portfolio had evolved over time and as a result, messaging was difficult to identify and struggled to give structure to their key areas of business and products.

Visual Identity worked on personalisation and storytelling for Julia Charles Event Management to ensure that their personality and expertise was captured within the website build through typography, colour and emotive imagery. The brand was further enhanced by the customisation and development of a bespoke web font which included a uniquely identifiable typographic element with a “crossbar-less A” coded for use within headline fonts.

As branding experts, we know the advantages are huge. Remember, if you have a business, you have a brand!