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You’ll never launch the same again

Posted by Lauren Austin on 7th September 2022

Ok, it’s not quite as catchy as LFC’s historic anthem but…

Gone, are the days of Football Clubs announcing their latest kit release with a static image of a shirt hanging in the club shop.

Over the past few years, Premier League clubs, in particular, have revolutionised how they announce new signings and new kit launches. Clubs would traditionally opt for static photography of the kit in all its glory, worn by a star player – but in recent seasons many teams have embraced a ‘casual’ approach to how supporters actually wear their teams’ shirts.

LTFC Home Kit launch banner image 2022/23
We had no choice but to include Luton Town in this article… don’t judge the publisher!

Eco-friendly manufacturing is also widely expected in the present day, especially with the rising prices of replica kits. But the majority of professional football clubs are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint wherever possible.

However, something that really caught our eye this week is Liverpool’s Third Kit launch campaign – which in our opinion, is awesome or “boss” as the scousers would say!

Not only have they teamed up with a local band (also LFC fans) and released a song but they’ve ultimately produced a music video to go with it. With key first-team players from the men’s and women’s teams featuring heavily and arty close-up shots of the kit, they’ve introduced a whole new way of marketing a kit-launch campaign. And we love it!

The full version can be watched on their website and YouTube channel but shortened versions and an initial ‘teaser’ have been used on the club’s social media channels.

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