Case Study



The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) is the industry body for the private equity and venture capital industry in the UK.

BVCA approached VI with the need to formulise and strategise their branding to appeal to a wider audience. Their product portfolio had evolved over time and as a result messaging was difficult to identify and struggled to give structure to their key areas of business and products.

  • Branding
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Re-positioning
  • Design
  • Online Marketing

Brand Guidelines

Developed as a style bible and a set of standards for employment of brand elements to communicate with audiences. In unison, the brand elements represent a unique identity and build brand recognition.

The creation of the brand guidelines for BVCA allowed them to unite their communication and identity to give them a sole voice and instant brand alignment.


BVCA wanted to develop their core brand structure that allowed each product channel to be identifiable with for sub-branding and key messaging for a myriad of individual products.

Using hand-drawn icons unique to BVCA and an updated colour palette, we delivered a complex development of their existing brand to allow for sub-brands and content organisation.


Iconography is a very good way of organising content and services as well as allowing the audience to instantly recognise and align with any that are applicable to them. This allows a clearer brand structure and service definition.

We developed a number of icons for each sub-brand to demonstrate the services and products which are delivered within. This gives a fresh, modern addition to the existing brand. It also offers flexibility as the core elements could be bolted or extruded according to the requirement or use.

Marketing Collateral

VI collaborated with BVCA to implement the new sub-branding throughout all their course literature covering all the business sectors, which included creating a range of literature for both internal and external usage, comprising of leaflets, Web banners, PowerPoint templates, Word templates and Pull-up banners.

Foundation Brand Development

The foundation programme is the flagship course, taught by some of the industry’s most respected practitioners. It provides an intensive overview of private equity and venture capital covering everything from evaluation of potential investments and deal structuring through to managing the portfolio and exits.

VI was commissioned to develop a branding that sat within the training portfolio but was distinct from it. The product was renamed to focus on a different audience with a different skillset and the branding was applied to online web advertising, external and internal marketing communications.