Online Marketing

Online Marketing

The internet is expanding rapidly all the time. Making sure you’re seen above your competitors is of paramount importance.

Online Marketing is the key to making sure that your business is seen in a variety of different places and on all devices

We can offer a number of online marketing services including our search engine optimisation services which will benefit your business both short and long term:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing

Social media optimisation services are targeted to marketing your company and services through the internet’s most popular social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube.

Social media is a fantastic way to complement your SEO efforts and if delivered correctly, provides high levels of inbound targeted traffic to your site which will have a positive effect on your rankings.
  • Increase your brand and company awareness
  • Build personal relationships with your audience
  • Drive website traffic
  • Increase search engine positioning

Email marketing is a service which has developed in recent years and although it is now being surpassed by the likes of social media it still allows you to correspond directly with your audience, targeting your offers and services to specific demographics.

Email marketing allows you to accurately and selectively target and develop the links with each and every customer that you have.

  • Email design
  • Scheduled campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Client compatibility
  • Spam tested

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