At Visual Identity branding is at our heart, having started life as a dedicated branding agency in 1987, we are passionate in our belief that strong brands are built by aligning ‘what you do’ with ‘what you say’.

Making sure your customers can clearly see the difference between your brand and its competitors is one of the main reasons to develop clear offers and unique selling points.

Companies, who understand and believe in their brand, are typically 12% more profitable and 18% more productive.

Developing a strong brand means that your business will not have to compete on price alone.

Be brand, not bland

Brand management communicates your core proposition at all times. Fundamental elements such as logo, colours, typefaces and graphics are controlled and remain consistent, brand compliant, instantly recognisable and differentiate your business from its competitors.

Key steps to brand consistency:

– to implement brand management documentation or guidelines.
– to ensure this documentation is available to every internal and external user.
– to educate how to use the guidelines and express them.

As branding experts, we know the advantages are huge. Research has shown that businesses with well-managed, consistent brands are worth up to 20 per cent more than those that are not.


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