Digital Marketing Checklist 2023

At the beginning of a new year, it’s always a good idea to re-evaluate your marketing goals and build a strategy to help you achieve them.

Start by looking at your current marketing activity and identify areas that need improvement…

Are you happy with your website?

Your website doesn’t just need to look nice, it needs to perform! Not only is it your business’s digital ‘face’ but also your main revenue stream.

Check which pages are getting the most visits and take time to assess the content on those pages. If the copy needs improvement, this might be the first place to start. All products and services change over time so it’s wise to ensure that your website copy translates exactly what you’re offering.

Your key website landing pages should be; findable, useful, usable and valuable.

Content Marketing – why is it important?

Think about the content you want to create and use in your promotions. Start by reviewing your web page content and make a list of new blogs, news and press release ideas for the year. If you need a full SEO report conducted, get in touch with Vi!

Social Media Marketing – are you posting regularly?

The best social media platforms for business are Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. If social media marketing is new to your business, think about which platforms might work next for your business and build a marketing plan that feeds into your social media activity. This is a great way of giving your followers an insight into your company ethos and keeps them wanting more.

Before making a purchase, 54% of customers use social media to gather information about your brand’s products and services.

Email Marketing – have you built a database?

Your existing customer base is the first place you should promote new products/services as they’re already engaged and signed up for your newsletters because they want to hear more. Let them be the first to hear about your latest collection or new service offering, by sending regular, informative emails to your database.

Video – lights, camera, action!

Video is preferred by 80% of online users over written text. How many videos do you unknowingly see each day whilst you’re scrolling through your social media news feeds? Around 3.7 new videos are uploaded to the internet each day, so whether you’re actually looking for them – it’s pretty much impossible not to view one!

When it comes to marketing – you really can be masters of your own destiny with the right support and strategy in place.

With the right plan in place, you won’t be crossing your fingers in 2023 hoping the opportunities happen. You’ll be sitting confidently, knowing that everything is running according to plan. We start by looking at your current marketing activity and then identifying areas that can be strengthened for sales conversion and awareness.

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