Case Study



Technology is the process of applying new discoveries to products and processes.

Inventor-e provides cloud-based software and technology solutions that help businesses, from a variety of sectors, manage their inventory and assets, allowing them to concentrate on the core functions of their business


The Brief

Inventor-e has seen a recent surge in volumes of enquiries and exciting new contracts that could be a game-changer for the business on an unprecedented scale.

The existing website was old and the brand out-of-date. This was causing misperceptions for the business that could not be fixed just by website improvements alone. Inventor-e’s solutions are installed within a variety of sectors across the globe, it was time to develop a new online brand presence that reflected the success and ambition of this leading technology-based business.

Website Design & Development

An IT-based business needs to demonstrate it’s culture and be regarded as technically rich and innovative. Potential customers want to be guided through the process of implementing new technologies, showcasing solutions that can transform their business.

Colour changing imagery and technological illustrations visually showcase the inner workings of the technology. The new structure was of key importance to the success of the website and a core set of landing pages was built to match keywords and service category types.

Customer journey mapping is a powerful tool. The user journey experience was developed to gain engaging journeys. The process of implementing build-intelligence helped pull together a robust and scalable solution.

Product illustrations engage the customer into the many product and service offerings.
Retina graphics and engaging animated gradient backgrounds build excitement and immerse the customers into the products.
On page forms drive conversions and collect customer's details before they are able to download product information sheets.
Up-selling opportunities are present at the bottom of every page, allowing the user to navigate to related products and services.

Branding & Iconography

As you would expect from an ever-developing technology-driven business, there are always new solutions and emerging technologies in the pipeline, therefore, Inventor-e’s product portfolio needed a reorganisation. This became the start point of the new marketing strategy and website structure.

The original branding received a fresh new look. The product portfolio was streamlined and reorganised, as a result, VI designed product icons to act as sub-brands’. As you would expect from Visual Identity (the clue is in the name), we developed a set of standards for the use of all brand elements.

This has allowed Vi to create more targeted messaging across all marketing channels. Extending the colour palette to include sub-brand colours that fit under the corporate brand structure has allowed their audience to easily identify the product most applicable to them.

We developed a brand guidelines and suite of templates to aid Inventor-e in engaging their customers into their new brand look and feel.
Mobile Automated Replenishment
Industrial Vending
Asset Management
App-based Inventory Management


The existing photography was low res and limited. Therefore, early on in the project, with the absence of available strong high res imagery, the decision was taken to develop a set of technology illustrations.

Vi created a sophisticated illustration style to help customers connect with the brand. Ultimately, the illustrations were developed to help the customer understand the whole is thinking behind each product or solution visually, without the need for in-depth copy detail or lengthy supporting product descriptions. These visually demonstrate Inventor-e’s mission to offer the best possible understanding of their user’s requirements.

Marketing Collateral

Inventor-e needed to refresh their existing marketing collateral and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, wanted to ensure that potential customers could still access in-depth information about their products and inventory solutions.

VI developed a range of downloadable product information PDF sheets, allowing customers or potential customers to learn more about their products, on the go – on any mobile device.

Social Media Management

Inventor-e had a presence on LinkedIn but this wasn’t active or utilised enough. VI suggested broadening their online presence across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – and since creating these platforms at the beginning of 2020, Inventor-e has already gained a strong following and valuable enquiries on the back of their social media promotions.

VI manages all aspects of Inventor-e’s social media marketing, including monthly scheduling, content and artwork creation, active following and monitoring of target audiences and industry news, as well as monthly reporting. By outsourcing social media to Visual Identity, this has allowed Inventor-e’s busy sales management team to focus on other areas of the business, whilst keeping us updated on company news, events and product launches. This runs perfectly alongside the bespoke website and additional marketing services that we provide, such as blog writing and creation of marketing collateral such as downloadable product leaflets.

Bespoke Cost-Savings Calculator Development:

The cost-savings calculator developed by Visual Identity and integrated into the Inventor-e SmartVan solution page, offers a practical and intuitive tool for businesses to evaluate the potential benefits of adopting the SmartVan fleet inventory management solution.

By inputting specific parameters into the calculator, such as the number of operatives, jobs per operative per day, salary cost per hour, return trip distance, fuel cost, average MPG, and maintenance cost per mile, users can generate customised cost-saving estimates tailored to their unique operational requirements.

This intuitive cost-cavings calculator showcases the transformative impact of SmartVan on fleet management. By accurately assessing current fleet efficiency and setting target goals, businesses gain a clear understanding of the potential cost savings and efficiency gains achievable through effective fleet inventory management. This is a huge asset to Inventor-e, particularly when they’re exhibiting at industry shows across the country, as it allows them to demonstrate to prospective customers how their solutions can save their staff valuable time and money.

inventor-e cost saving calc