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Print Marketing is alive!

Strong graphic design and printed media can make a big difference to any business, as it has the ability to connect with your audience and r...

Posted on 14th October 2019
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We are socialites

Have you considered outsourcing your Social Media marketing? Visual Identity offer one-off startups or ongoing support to make sure your bus...

Posted on 9th October 2019
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Your brand is your identity

As branding experts, Visual Identity realises the importance of creating a strong brand identity which best presents your key values and ser...

Posted on 2nd October 2019
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If you’re not on Social Media – you’re invisible!

One of the best reasons for any business to be marketing through social media is that your customers are spending time on these channels.

Posted on 28th September 2019
Delivering over and above is our ultimate distinction
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Top 10 Marketing tips for 2019

Having a strong marketing strategy requires more than just adjusting your priorities year after year.

Posted on 25th September 2019
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Get to know your audience

Market research can and should be carried out at various stages of a business life cycle, from pre-launch and beyond. Having a greater under...

Posted on 19th September 2019
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From Trade to Tech

Today marketing is generally defined as a blend of strategy and technology, however, it hasn’t always been this way. The history of market...

Posted on 13th September 2019
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Marketing Myths

Marketing is often misunderstood, so we've set about some myth-busting! Marketing can often be seen as an expense, rather than an investment...

Posted on 9th September 2019
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Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 that you should know

Tips to help you gain a competitive edge, develop new ways to generate leads and improve the relationship with existing customers.

Posted on 23rd August 2019
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World Photography Day 2019

"Sharing the love of photography.”

Posted on 19th August 2019